Samsung M31 auto restart motherboard problem solution

Many Samsung Galaxy models from M series including M31, M30, M30s, M21 and M31s are having the auto restart problem. This problem is caused due issues in motherboard which is caused by Exynos processor.

Samsung M31 was officially launched on 04 Mar 2020 worldwide. It was launched at a price range of 15K. It is a mid-range with plenty of features on board.

So, Galaxy M31 became very popular, and many people bought this phone. It is powered by Samsung’s own Exynos 9611 processor which was a very good processor at that time.

But later Exynos 9611 SoC damaged so many smartphones. Exynos 9611 processor is the reason in Galaxy M31 which damaged the complete motherboard.

Samsung M31 motherboard problem

Later Samsung M31 users started complaining about some restart problems, M31 phone dead issues, Phone stuck on Samsung logo during restart.

It was noticed in some smartphones that this issue was due to Samsung update which was causing some damage to kernel file and further causing motherboard to dead.

And we have also noticed that most of the Samsung users who are complaining about motherboard issues are using Galaxy smartphone having Exynos 9610 or 9611 processor.

Samsung has replaced a number of motherboards for free of cost for under Warranty Samsung M31 phones. But in many cases Samsung has also provided some discount on motherboard replacement.

But still many Samsung M31 users are wondering here and there to get a repair for their Galaxy M31. Because their Samsung smartphone has gone out of Warranty and Samsung service center technicians are asking for 6750 to 8500 rupees for the replacement of motherboard.

Nobody is ready to pay more than 6750rupees for a 1yr old smartphone which they bought at about 15K rupees. And really this doesn’t make any sense, this is the major problem Samsung users are facing.

Solution to Samsung M31 auto restart problem

Honestly, I want to say that there is not any one fully satisfying solution to Samsung M31 motherboard problem. But there are some solutions which you can follow to get rid of this problem up to some extent.

Here we have tried to explain about 4 solutions to this problem, you can follow any one of these which is suitable in your case.

Visit Samsung service center

First of all, you need to visit the nearby Samsung authorized service center to confirm it the issue is with motherboard.

Samsung technicians in service center provide more accurate cause and solution to the problem. If they confirm that problem is with the motherboard and ask higher amount for the replacement of the motherboard in Galaxy M31.

If you really want to replace the motherboard at Samsung authorized service center, then it is totally your choice because I will never recommend you get replace your smartphone motherboard as the same problem can come again any time after few months.

Get a fix at local repair shop

After visiting the Samsung service center, you can visit the nearby good local mobile repair shop where technicians are trained to repair at the chip level.

Because someone has told that some local technicians are capable of fixing the Samsung reboot problem by replacing an IC only. They don’t repair the complete motherboard of the smartphone. They fix it by replacing the IC (integrated circuit) inside the motherboard.

Here we have proof of a Samsung M series user who managed to get a repair to his smartphone without replacing the complete motherboard.

Sometimes mobile recovers itself after heating it with a blower only and they clean it with some contact cleaners which remove carbon or corrosion from the metalic contacts.

Note: In most of the cases after-market local technicians doesn’t make any changes to smartphone and they just clean it and in some cases phone starts working fine and they say to users that they have replaced the IC inside the phone. But it is not possible to change the IC inside the motherboard for most of the normal technician as high skill is required to work at the chip level. So, you need to be cautious while getting a repair at local shop.

Samsung users’ comments screenshot

samsung service center declared motherboard dead
after market local repair shop makes fool to smartphone users
samsung m31 phone got repaired at local repair shop

Replace your Galaxy M31

If your phone is working fine, then replacing your Galaxy M31 with other phone with Qualcomm Snapdragon processor from any brand including Samsung is the great solution.

Because this time you are thinking that your phone is working fine but this series is really having issues and Samsung M series users are facing so many motherboards related issues.

So, if you are planning to upgrade your phone with new one in near future then this is the best time as you can get some exchange value for working smartphone and if your phone goes dead then you will get very less.

Sell you dead Samsung M31

There so many Samsung M31 users who has broken their phone screen by mistake and searching for the screen replacement and Samsung service centers are asking huge amount which they don’t want to pay.

So, you can contact such people and contact them to sell their smartphone to you or you can sell your smartphone to them so that you will get some benefit from there.

Otherwise changing a more than 1 year old Samsung M31 motherboard for 8K is not justified as it is the just half of the brand-new Galaxy M31 cost.

You can now leave a comment with sharing your location, device model and Gmail ID or contact number. Be cautious that information provided in comment box is not protected and visible to everyone so do it at your own risk.

Mail to Samsung CEO

If your Samsung M31 is under Warranty and service center staff is not accepting your smartphone to replace its motherboard at free of cost, then you can directly write to CEO of Samsung.

Link to Samsung CEO is given below. After clicking on the link, you have to provide the complete details including your name, email id, contact number, phone model, IMEI number, your issue and more.

After submitting the mail to CEO, you will get a call next day so here you can find the final solution to your problem.

We hope that now you know what to do with your Samsung M31 as it is a very heart-breaking moment for Samsung M31 users and fans also as no one expected such things from Samsung.

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  1. Very upset with this issue, i have replaced my phone’s display recently and then after a week now the phone has a problem of restart, it restarts and then automatically gets switched off and on and so on…

    i have spent so much of money in few day on the phone…. very very upset now, since there is no solution.

  2. If anyone is facing the restart problem just download any other launcher and set it as default personally i use microsoft launcher atleast you can use your phone it has fixed my problem
    Hope you will like it

  3. So disapppointed with samsung, initially phone used to restart for 5-6 times a day for 5 days and now its not starting at all. This is so frustrating, you lost one more customer due to this issue.

  4. None of solution works for me and phone restart 15 to 20 times in day. Really annoyed. tired with Samsung Galaxy M31


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