How to Lock Apps without any software in Samsung phone

It has become very necessary to protect our digital data in online world. Phones are not just calling devices, they are internet surfing machines also.

We install so many apps to perform different types of tasks in our smartphones. Sometimes when we are required to handover our Samsung mobile to friend, relative or kids then we are worried about our private data to be seen by them.

You also want to keep safe your data stored in your phone Apps in case of loss of theft of Samsung mobile.

To perform this task your are required to lock or hide apps in your smartphone. Some flagship range Samsung phones already have this feature.

If your Samsung phone is older or not a flagship smartphone then you need to activate it manually.

Lock Apps without any App in Samsung

If your Samsung smartphone doesn’t have S Secure or Secure Folder in it then you have to install it manually. You can download Secure Folder in Samsung mobile from link given below.

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You need to activate App Lock in your Samsung phone which is hidden in every Samsung smarthone.

Follow the simple steps to activate App Lock in Samsung phone:

  • Go to Google Play Store in your mobile.
  • Find Activity Launcher and install.
  • Open Activity Launcher in Samsung mobile.
  • Find and tap on App Lock inside this app.
  • Click on first option from the list (….)
  • Tap to ON the Lock and Mask apps feature.
  • Select App lock type among pattern, PIN, Password, Face & Fingerprints.
  • Click on Locked Apps to lock/unlock apps.
  • Tap on Add option on top right corner.
  • Select the required apps to lock.
  • Click on Masked Apps option to hide/unhide apps from app drawer.
  • Tap on Add option on top right corner.
  • Select the required apps to hide.
  • You have all done.

If you uninstall the Activity Launcher from your Samsung mobile even then your App Lock will keep on working.

But you need to again install the Activity Launcher to add or delete apps from the App Lock. Otherwise you are not required do anything with Activity Launcher app.

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