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We have provided download links to important software, apps, Fonts, Themes, Ringtones, Wallpapers and more. Applications software provided will work on Android, Windows, iPhone and Linux.

Direct download links to the below-said software are provided in the respective articles.

Samsung Important Downloads

Samsung Softwares

Smart Switch

Samsung smart Switch app is the best solution to transfer data from an old phone to a new Samsung phone and it can also transfer data from PC to Android and vice versa. You can download the Smart Switch app from the link given below.

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Good Lock

The Good Lock app is not available on the Google play store for every smartphone. Good Lock is a suite of apps also known as modules that provide you the ability to redesign the entire look and feel of your Galaxy device.

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Samsung Internet

Samsung has improved its internet web browser app and people are loving it. They also provided many features in the Samsung Internet browser app. And with every new update Samsung internet browser is improving. It offers a very useful Secret Mode feature.

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Secure Folder

The app lock feature is required to hide and lock apps and confidential data in Samsung phones. The App lock feature is unavailable on most Samsung phones. Download the Secure Folder app from the download link given below.

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QR Code Scanner

QR codes, also known as Quick Response codes, contain a lot of useful information. But QR codes can only be decoded using a QR code scanner. Most smartphones have a dedicated QR code scanner app that comes preinstalled. Download the QR code scanner App.

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USB Driver PC

USB driver is required to connect any Android phone to a Windows PC. If you want to connect your Samsung phone to a Windows laptop, then a Samsung USB driver is a must. Download the Updated USB driver for your Galaxy phone.

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Odin Flash Tool

Samsung has developed Odin utility software to use internally by Samsung. It is used to communicate with Samsung devices in download mode. You can also use the flash tool to flash custom recovery firmware images in Galaxy devices.

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Data Migration Tool

Samsung designs the Data Migration Tool to transfer data between Samsung storage devices. It is really a very useful tool and completely migrates all of your old HDD/SSD data to new SSD including operating system and Application.

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Magician for SSD

Samsung Magician Software can control, manage and troubleshoot your Samsung storage device. Samsung Magician Software works with all consumer products like internal SSD, Portable SSD, Memory Card, USB Flash Drive and more.

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Samsung Smart Switch

With Samsung smart switch app you can use a MicroSD card or external storage to transfer your Android photos, contacts, messages and files onto a new Galaxy phone.

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Secret Codes

Secret codes or USSD codes are shortcodes which help you to access the hidden features of your smartphone directly from the phone dialer when dialled.

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Most of the reputed brands provide customer support to their users through Phone calls, Chat support, WhatsApp, Email and more. Find all possible ways to get instant help.

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Theme & Fonts are important parts of a smartphone and PC which help you to make your phone design something different and attractive.

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Smart TV

We have published so many articles on smart TV which provide you with detailed information about Smart TVs. You can get access to free channels & more.

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Security of data is the top priority as Hackers are evolving advanced technology to hack internet devices to get access to their private data.

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