Samsung mobile battery price with capacity in mAh list

Samsung has launched many smartphones from its different series. If you own a Samsung phone and facing low battery backup issue then you might want to know price of Samsung phone battery to replace it.

Samsung manufactures basic feature phones to advanced smartphones which support 800mAh to 6000mAh battery range.

Sometimes it becomes very irritating and frustrating to charge smartphone battery again and again

Samsung has also launched 7000mAh big battery smartphone. Samsung Galaxy F62 AND M51 comes with 7000mAh ultra-powerful massive battery with the Reverse Charging.

In this post, we have discussed the Samsung galaxy battery price for all smartphones with battery capacity.

Samsung mobile battery

We all know that battery is a very important component in a smartphone. You can’t do any operation in your phone without battery.

samsung galaxy battery

Samsung claims that its every phone is equipped with a high-performance, high-quality Lithium-ion battery which strengthen the Galaxy user experience.

Samsung also claim that its Lithium-ion smartphone batteries are high energy density, long-lasting batteries and these are also safe to use.

Price of Samsung battery

Here we have provided all Samsung phone batteries details including battery capacity and price. We have categorized Galaxy phone according to their Series.

Galaxy premium series battery price

ModelBattery CapacityBattery Price
Galaxy Fold24500mAh2,557₹
Galaxy Z Flip3300mAh1,650₹
Galaxy Fold4380mAh1,980₹
Galaxy Z Flip3 5G3300mAh1,274₹
Galaxy Z Fold3 5G4400mAh1,219₹

Samsung Note series battery price

ModelBattery CapacityBattery Price
Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G4500mAh1,666₹
Galaxy Note204300mAh1,549₹
Galaxy Note10 Lite4500mAh1,102₹
Galaxy Note10+4300mAh2,511₹
Galaxy Note103500mAh1,102₹
Galaxy Note 94000mAh1,524₹
Galaxy Note 83300mAh1,306₹
Galaxy Note 53000mAh779₹

Samsung S series battery price

ModelBattery CapacityBattery Price
Galaxy S22 ultra5000mAh1,803₹
Galaxy S22+3700mAh1,698₹
Galaxy S223700mAh1,497₹
Galaxy S214000mAh1,415₹
Galaxy S21+4800mAh1,549₹
Galaxy S21 Ultra5000mAh1,675₹
Galaxy S20 Ultra5000mAh1,755₹
Galaxy s20+4500mAh1,551₹
Galaxy S204000mAh1,325₹
Galaxy S20 FE4500mAh1,434₹
Galaxy S20 FE 5G4500mAh1,479₹
Galaxy S6 Edge+3000mAh812₹
Galaxy s62550mAh729₹
Galaxy S6 Edge2600mAh739₹
Galaxy S10 Lite4500mAh1,102₹
Galaxy S10+4100mAh1,102₹
Galaxy S10e3100mAh1,250₹
Galaxy S103400mAh1,102₹
Galaxy S9+3500mAh1,345₹
Galaxy S93000mAh1,247₹
Galaxy S8+3500mAh1,426₹
Galaxy S83000mAh1,209₹
Galaxy S7 Edge3600mAh977₹
Galaxy S73000mAh986₹

Samsung A series battery price

ModelBattery CapacityBattery Price
Galaxy A803700mAh1,178₹
Galaxy A135000mAh1536₹
Galaxy A725000mAh1250₹
Galaxy A714500mAh1298₹
Galaxy A70s4500mAh1178₹
Galaxy A704500mAh1178₹
Galaxy A52s4500mAh1479₹
Galaxy A524500mAh1479₹
Galaxy A514000mAh1300₹
Galaxy A524500mAh1226₹
Galaxy A535000mAh1650₹
Galaxy A50s4000mAh799₹
Galaxy A503900mAh799₹
Galaxy A315000mAh1178₹
Galaxy A325000mAh1233₹
Galaxy A33 5G5000mAh1582₹
Galaxy A235000mAh1740₹
Galaxy A30s4000mAh1020₹
Galaxy A304000mAh799₹
Galaxy A21s5000mAh932₹
Galaxy A22 5G5000mAh1340₹
Galaxy A20s4000mAh1072₹
Galaxy A204000mAh799₹
Galaxy A035000mAh1562₹
Galaxy A03s5000mAh1301₹
Galaxy A10s4000mAh1072₹
Galaxy A125000mAh932₹
Galaxy A103400mAh799₹
Galaxy A9 20183800mAh1088₹
Galaxy A9 pro5000mAh1572₹
Galaxy A8 Star3700mAh1612₹
Galaxy A8+3500mAh1456₹
Galaxy A7 20183300mAh1452₹
Galaxy A7 20173600mAh1064₹
Galaxy A7 20163300mAh849₹
Galaxy A83000mAh835₹
Galaxy A6+3500mAh1364₹
Galaxy A63000mAh1218₹
Galaxy A5 20173000mAh913₹
Galaxy A5 20152300mAh813₹
Galaxy A5 20162900mAh783₹
Galaxy A2 Core2600mAh637₹

Samsung M series battery price

ModelBattery CapacityBattery Price
Galaxy M517000mAh1102₹
Galaxy M52 5G5000mAh1564₹
Galaxy M316000mAh799₹
Galaxy M32 5G5000mAh1324₹
Galaxy M33 5G6000mAh2011₹
Galaxy M216000mAh799₹
Galaxy M126000mAh799₹
Galaxy M115000mAh1160₹
Galaxy M01s4000mAh1100₹
Galaxy M01 Core3000mAh582₹
Galaxy M014000mAh932₹
Galaxy M025000mAh932₹
Galaxy M103400mAh799₹
Galaxy M10s4000mAh799₹
Galaxy M205000mAh799₹
Galaxy M305000mAh1801₹
Galaxy M30s6000mAh799₹
Galaxy M31s6000mAh999₹
Galaxy M403500mAh1100₹
Galaxy M405000mAh1507₹
Galaxy M21 20216000mAh799₹
Galaxy M326000mAh1367₹

Samsung J series battery price

ModelBattery CapacityBattery Price
Galaxy J8 20183500mAh1422₹
Galaxy J7 Pro3600mAh1159₹
Galaxy J7 Nxt3000mAh1008₹
Galaxy J7 MAX3300mAh856₹
Galaxy J7 Duo3000mAh1008₹
Galaxy J7 Prime3300mAh856₹
Galaxy J73300mAh1008₹
Galaxy J6 20183000mAh1231₹
Galaxy J6+3300mAh856₹
Galaxy J5 20163100mAh739₹
Galaxy J5 20152600mAh637₹
Galaxy J5 Prime2400mAh955₹
Galaxy J4 20183000mAh1008₹
Galaxy J4+3300mAh856₹
Galaxy J3 Pro2600mAh681₹
Galaxy J2 20162600mAh637₹
Galaxy J2 20152000mAh1008₹
Galaxy J2 Pro2600mAh637₹
Galaxy J2 Core2600mAh637₹

Samsung F & other series battery price

ModelBattery CapacityBattery Price
Galaxy F627000mAh1102₹
Galaxy F42 5G5000mAh1546₹
Galaxy F416000mAh799₹
Galaxy F226000mAh847₹
Galaxy F235000mAh1913₹
Galaxy F126000mAh799₹
Galaxy F02s5000mAh1107₹
Galaxy ON73000mAh1008₹
Galaxy On7 Prime3300mAh856₹
Galaxy On5 Pro2600mAh637₹
Galaxy On Max3300mAh856₹
Galaxy C7 Pro3300mAh1034₹
Galaxy C9 Pro4000mAh1296₹

Note: Price provided in this post is basic price for Galaxy battery and not include GST. You need to pay more for the battery at Samsung authorized service center because final price includes GST (CGST+SGST).

So the final battery price at Samsung care will be higher than the price mentioned on this website. There is fixed 18% GST on Lithium-ion batteries so you may have to pay 18% more in the form of tax to price mentioned in tables given above.

The final battery replacement cost at Samsung authorized service center is the sum of smartphone battery price + 350₹ labor charges + 18% GST.

Here we have tried our best to provide the Samsung Galaxy phone battery prices from all series. Data provided on this post is taken from trusted sources.

But still we don’t take guarantee for the price of Samsung Galaxy battery in your city because battery price may differ from city to city across India.

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