Samsung One UI 6 update release date roadmap

Samsung has already started working on One UI 6 and will make it available for its Galaxy devices. In this post we have provided Samsung One UI 6 update release date from trusted sources.

One UI 6 will be based on Android 14 that is the stock Android by Google. Samsung will customize stock Android 14 and label it as One UI 6.

android 14 development tools

Google has already started rolling out its Android 14 beta3 for its Pixel 4 and above devices. Many other smartphone brands are also participating in Android partner programs and providing early access to selected users.

But Samsung has not yet participated in Android 14 partner program that allows the users to test new features of the upcoming version of Android.

We can aspect Samsung to release Beta version of One UI 6 for a few Galaxy devices for early testing of the User Interface and features.

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android 14 beta to stable version stability roadmap
Android 14 stability roadmap

One UI 6 update release date

All eligible Galaxy devices have already updated to One UI 5 before the end of May 2023. Last year Samsung started rolling out One UI 5 update in September 2022. And it almost took 6 months to release the update for all eligible devices.

Samsung has not yet announced the One UI 6 update release date and roadmap for its Galaxy devices. The brand has not even revealed the One UI 6 beta version release date for its flagship devices.

samsung one ui 6 update release date

But Samsung has already started testing One UI 6 update in their labs. And based on the leaks and previous updates, we can conclude that Samsung will release One UI 6 beta version for its flagship devices including the S23 series and Galaxy Z Flip4 and Z Flip4 devices at the end of July this year.

And after the successful testing and polishing of One UI 6 beta version on their high-end devices they will start rolling out One UI 6 stable version in Sep end or the start of October month.

The stock Android 14 stable version by Google will be launched in the September so after the launching of Android 14 stable version, Samsung will be very soon in the position of launching the One UI 6 stable based on Android 14 in the starting of October month in 2023.

android 14 by google
Android 14 by Google

Samsung first device to get One UI 6

Samsung S series devices are the luckiest devices that will receive the One UI 6 beta version to the enrolled users only. After that Series devices especially S23 Ultra will receive One UI 6 update stable version in October 2023.

One UI 6 beta program for S23 Ultra will be released in the second half of the July months or it will be released in the first month of August this year.

So according to predictions and leaks Samsung S23 Ultra will receive One UI 6 update stable version in October 2023.

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Samsung One UI 6 update roadmap

We have tried to provide One UI 6 update roadmap for Galaxy device. Samsung has not announced any update roadmap for One UI 6 officially anywhere so this roadmap is expected and assumed on the basis of previously released updates.

MonthUpdateEligible Galaxy Devices
August 23One UI 6 Beta 3S23 ultra, S23+, S23
September 23One UI 6 Beta 4S23 ultra, S23+, S23
October 23One UI 6 stableS23 ultra, S23+, S23, S22 ultra, S22, S21
November 23One UI 6 stableS10 Lite, S20FE, S20, S20+, S21FE, S21+, S21 Ultra, Note 10 lite, Note 20, Note20 Ultra

Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy Z Flip 4, Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Flip 3

A32, A33, A51, A52, A52S, A53, A71, A72, A73

M32, M33, M42, M52


Tablet S6 Lite, S7 FE, S7, S7+, S8, S8 5G, S8+, S8+ 5G, S
December 23One UI 6 stableA12, A13, A22, A23, M12

F22, F42, F12
January 24One UI 6 stableA03, M13, F13, F23 5G

A7 Lite
February 24One UI 6 stableA03s, A04, A04s

Tab A8
March 24One UI 6 stableS20+ and other leftover devices
April 24One UI 6 stableOlder devices

According to One UI 6 update roadmap, Samsung will start rolling beta update on 26 July 23 and all One UI 6 eligible devices will be updated by 31 April 2024. If your device is not listed in the above roadmap then you can wait for the Samsung official roadmap to be released.

Samsung will add more device to the brand new One UI 6 as they have promised to provide the 4 Android version upgrades to all of its Select devices released after February 2


How to update Samsung phone to One UI 6?

First of all, you need to check if your Galaxy device is eligible for One UI 6 update. If your Samsung phone is eligible for One UI 6 based on Android 14 then you can find if the update is released for your Galaxy device.

Now you can follow the simple steps to update your Samsung phone to Samsung One UI 6 version:

Go to system Settings in your Galaxy device.
Scroll down and tap on Software Update.
Tap on Download & Install.
Download will start automatically.
Now you can follow the on-screen guidance.

Download time will depend on the size of the One UI update and your internet speed. You should also ensure that you have sufficient data in your phone, or you can connect your phone to a trusted WiFi network to download the update firmware.

After downloading the updates to your Galaxy phone, you should start the upgradation process. The upgradation process can take 05 to 10minutes.

What is mobile firmware in Samsung phones?

Firmware refers to the applications and operating system that control how a Samsung Smartphone operates.

It is called firmware rather than software to highlight that it is very closely tied to the particular hardware components of a device.

Firmware updates are sometimes provided by a company as a way to fix bugs or introduce new functionality.

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