Samsung factory reset code for Android phone

You can factory reset your mobile using hard reset code or from system settings. Here we have provided Samsung factory reset code for your Android mobile as well as basic keypad feature phones.

Factory reset is also known as master reset or hard reset. It is the last method of troubleshooting when no other tips are working for you as it will erase everything from your mobile.

A Hard reset or master reset is capable of fixing many software-based issues from your mobile but it will delete all of your stored data from your mobile so never forget to take a complete backup of your mobile.

There are many other Samsung mobile secret codes available that you should know.

What is factory reset code

A factory reset is the feature provided in smartphone to erase everything from your mobile. It also deletes stored data, contacts, messages, photos, videos, installed apps, system settings, apps settings and all other things stored on your mobile.

Reason for Hard reset

There are many reasons when someone requires to factory reset his Samsung mobile. Some of the reasons are given below:

  • Giving your Samsung phone to someone else.
  • Selling your mobile to another person.
  • Having multiple issues with your mobile.
  • Mobile phones have become very slow.
  • Unnecessary data is stored on your mobile.
  • Want to erase critical information from your mobile in one click.

How to reset Samsung phone

You can easily reset your Samsung phone using system Settings. You can follow the given below simple procedure to reset you Samsung phone to factory settings:

  • Go to system Settings on your Samsung phone.
  • Scroll down the page and tap on General Management.
  • Tap on Reset option.
  • Select Factory Data Reset.
  • Scroll down and select the Reset option.
  • Select Delete all to erase everything from phone.
  • Wait for some time to erase everything from your phone.

Samsung factory reset code

There are two hard reset codes given below here which are as follows:

Code TypeFactory reset code

How to use hard reset code

You need to take some precautions before doing a factory reset to your Samsung mobile. Instructions to reset Samsung phone using factory or master reset code are as follows:

  • Take complete backup of your smartphone, if possible, to SD card or laptop.
  • If laptop or SD card is not available then backup your data to google account using synchronous.
  • You can also backup photos & videos to google photos.
  • Eject your SIM card and Memory card from your mobile.
  • Open the dialer app on your mobile.
  • Type the code *#*#7780#*#*
  • Please don’t copy & paste this code, make sure you type every letter one by one.
  • The reset process will begin and you may need to confirm to start the action.

Remotely reset lost Android mobile

If you have lost your Android mobile and you are worried about important data leakage from your mobile then you can remotely wipe all of your data from your smartphone.

Wiping all data remotely is similar for all smartphone brands.

Follow the simple steps to factory reset your Android mobile remotely:

  • Go to Find my device and sign in to your Google Account.
  • Sign in with a Google Account that’s on the main profile.
  • You get a notification.
  • Select Erase Device and click on Erase once pop-up warning appears.
  • The factory reset process will be started on your device.

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