One UI 5 stable features list for Samsung in 2023

Welcome back Guys, Samsung has started rolling out One UI 5 update for Galaxy devices in a phased manner. Samsung S-series device including Galaxy S21, Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Ultra already upgraded to Android 13.

Many other Samsung smartphones launched in 2022 will get One UI 5 update in Dec 2022 itself. If you are waiting or already upgraded your Galaxy device to Android 13 then you might want to know about the new features added in this update.

Samsung has already started working on One UI 6 Update, we have dedicated article on Samsung One UI 6 Update new features.

One UI 5 brings many new features to the Galaxy devices, some of these features are totally unique and others resemble iOS and Windows.

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I have personally noticed that Samsung palette (basically an Android 13 feature) is inspired from Windows 10. As Android 13 palette feature totally resemble with color option under personalization in Windows 10.

Android 13 Palette inspired from Microsoft colors
Android 13 Palette inspired from Microsoft colors

The lock screen on One UI 5 is totally inspired from iOS 16 by Apple. We are also in Favour with Samsung because you can learn good things from others including your competitors also.

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One UI 5 features list

There are about 73 new changes made in One UI 5 update which we have discussed below in this post. Out of the 73 changes, some are majors and others are minor.

Samsung One UI 5 feature list is authenticated and referred from official Samsung One UI 5 page.

Customization and expression

  • Lock screen customization
  • More wallpaper choices
  • Easy recognition with call background
  • More options on your color palette

Modes and Routines

  • Easier discovery of preset routines
  • Sleep mode
  • Modes for your activities
  • Active routines at a glance
  • More conditions and actions


  • Stack widgets on Home screen
  • Smart suggestions widget


  • Change the view with a gesture
  • Quick open apps in split screen

Connected experience

  • Hide phone notifications on your TV
  • Connected devices menu
  • Google Meet
    • Video call with Google Meet
    • Share experiences together with live sharing

Design and interface

  • Smoother animation
  • Improved blur effects and simplified color schemes
  • Updated app icons and illustrations

Camera and gallery

  • Help guides in Pro mode
  • Histogram in Pro mode
  • Easy zoom with one hand
  • Add watermarks to photos
  • Telephoto lens in Food mode
  • Easy filter selection
  • All-new look for Stories
  • Customize albums in Gallery

Photo and video editor

  • Keep Portrait mode effects even after editing
  • Draw perfect shapes on photos and videos
  • More sticker options
  • Enhanced GIF editing

AR Emoji and stickers

  • Diverse AR Emoji stickers
  • Do more with AR Emojis

Samsung Keyboard

  • New emojis for emoji pairs
  • Rearrange expression buttons
  • Instant kaomoji on keyboard
  • Spacebar row customization

Extract and scan text

  • Extract text from any image or screen
  • Contextual suggestion

Samsung DeX

  • Newly added taskbar
  • New notification indicator
  • Mini calendar


  • Notification accessibility
  • Easier controls
  • Detailed settings
  • Improved design layout


  • Exceptions for Do not disturb
  • Auto optimization
  • Menu improvement for sound and vibration settings
  • RAM Plus in Device care
  • Different language settings for each app

Privacy and security

  • Warning when sharing personal information
  • Intuitive security check
  • Secure web browsing


  • Readability options in quick panel
  • Use your phone as a magnifier
  • More voice assistance
  • Easily edit on Accessibility button
  • New actions on each corner

Some minor features added in One UI 5


  • Managing event invitees
  • Add stickers to your Google calendar
  • Add video conferences to your events


  • Added ‘Today’ category
  • Show and hide completed reminders
  • Reminder view setup

Samsung Internet

  • Easier bookmark folder Editing

My Files

  • Enhanced search for all files


  • Added feature to run 20 multiple timers at a time.

Digital Wellbeing

  • Redesigned app

Safety and emergency

  • Shortcut to Send SOS
  • Integrated emergency contact list

Samsung has already started working on One UI 6 Update, we have dedicated article on Samsung One UI 6 Update release date roadmap.

Samsung One UI 5 top feature detailed overview

Here we have tried to explain all the newly added features in a very simple way.

samsung one ui 5 features list overview

Customization and expression

You can now customize wallpaper, clock style and notification settings from a single place by taping and holding on the Lock screen with a live preview.

It is now also possible to cut and trim a video to make a live wallpaper. Samsung has redesigned the Wallpaper settings and made it very easy to find wallpapers for Home and Lock screens.

You can now browse through newly added Dynamic Lock screens, colors and graphic wallpapers in one place.

The newly added call background feature also provides you with the option to add separate background for each contact saved in your Galaxy device for easy recognition to see who is calling you.

New color palettes have been added in the settings section. You select any one out of a total of 16 color palettes. Color palette is a special color themes that match your wallpaper or preset color themes that are beautifully curated to fit your taste.

Samsung has already started working on One UI 6 Update, we have dedicated article on Samsung One UI 6 Update eligible devices list.

Modes and Routines

Discover screen has now simplified design layout for the easy finding of useful routines.

Sleep mode lets you automate. You can now do more actions in sleep mode like changing the sound mode and adjusting the screen brightness.

Choose a mode based on your mood and activity you are performing, such as exercising, studying or working to act your phone according to the situation.


samsung one ui 5.0 widgets
slidable widgets in one ui 5

Stack widgets on home screen provide you option to combine several widgets of the same size into a single widget to make your home screen look neat and organized.

You can create a stack widget by dropping a widget on another widget and then swipe left and right to switch between widgets.

Smart suggestions widget uses your usage patterns to suggest the best widget you are required with at a particular time.


Swipe up two fingers from the bottom of the screen to enter the split screen.

Swipe one finger from either corner to the center at the top of the screen to enter full screen to pop-up view.

You can now turn on or off Gestures in Settings Labs.

Drag apps from the taskbar or Recent screen to open them, however is most convenient for you. Drag to the top, bottom, left, or right edge of the screen to open in split screen. Drag to the center of the screen to open in a pop-up.

Design and interface

Added new animations and transition effects which make switching between screens feel more natural.

Improved Animations and other visual feedback.

Background blur effects on the quick panel, home screen, and throughout One UI have been improved with brighter colors for a clearer and more consistent experience.

App icons are larger to make them look bolder and easier to recognize. A new illustration style is applied to certain apps to give a consistent look.

Camera and gallery

A help icon has been added in camera and video Pro modes to provide helpful tips on how to use various lenses, options and controls.

Use the Histogram in Pro mode to check the brightness to help you get the perfect exposure.

Zoom bar is minimized to zoom in and out with a single hand.

The option is to automatically add a watermark in the corner of each photo containing the shot date and time. You can also add the customs information.

Filters selection for Camera, photo editor and video editor mode are optimized. All filters are available in one list.

Photo and video editor

Portrait mode effects such as blur, studio and high-key mono are now saved even after cropping, so you can adjust the background effects at any time.

Draw certain shapes such as a circle, triangle, rectangle or heart by using the pen tool in Photo and video editor.

Hold your finger on the screen when you finish drawing to make it instantly transform to straight lines and perfect angles.

60 new emoji stickers are added to make your fun with your photos and videos.

Trim and transform animated GIFs to make them the right size or shape.

Create stickers from any photo using lasso tool.

Extract and scan text

samsung one ui 5.0 scan and copy text from image

Extract text using Samsung Keyboard, Internet, Gallery, or whenever you take a screenshot. You can also modify and paste the result into a message, email, or document instead of typing.

When text appears in an image in Gallery, Camera or other apps, certain actions will be recommended based on the text.


Add individual contacts as exceptions to Do not disturb to ring or vibrate for specific person even when do not disturb is on.

Device care is optimized to keep your phone running smoothly through automatic optimization. Automatic restart feature is also added for the better functioning of smartphone.

Menus have been reorganized to make it easier to find the sound and vibration options you need. Set your ringtone and change the volume and vibration settings, all in the same place.

Added shortcut to turn off RAM Plus. It can now be turned off right away in Device care.

Added feature to choose different languages for each app based on your usage preference in Settings.

Privacy and security

samsung one ui 5 security and privacy

Added a feature which warns when you share personal information which contains sensitive information, such as credit card, ID card or passport.

The security dashboard in Settings is optimized which lets you easily check security issues and fix them instantly.

Added feature in Samsung Internet which show the site’s security status in the address bar. You can also tap the icon to learn which information the website collects and tracks.

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