Samsung phone test for best battery backup life

Battery is a very important part of smartphones. Phones are nothing without batteries or in other words we can say that batteries are the vital breath in smartphones.

Many times when we go outside home for full day or more than one day then we are always worried about battery backup of the phone.

So in this post we have compared 16 latest smartphones and picked up the best battery backup phone from Samsung brand.

We have compared Samsung phones from 20K to 1L rupees range Samsung phones. We have tried all the Samsung phones in almost same conditions.

All Samsung Galaxy models are charged to 100% and used all of them till battery drained to 0% and galaxy phones switched off automatically.

Samsung phones battery backup test

We have picked most selling Galaxy phones worldwide and compared them to choose the best battery backup phone. We have tested Samsung Galaxy Ultra, S22, S21FE, S20FE, A73, A53, A33, A52s, M53 and M52 for battery backup smartphone.

Let’s begin the massive battery test among 10 Samsung Galaxy phones in 2022. All 10 Galaxy devices are placed on the table in an organized manner as shown in the picture below.

samsung phones with battery capacity

Now the battery is fully charged to 100% in all 10 Galaxy devices. We are testing Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, S22, S21FE, S20FE, A73, A53, A33, A52s, M53 and M52 for battery backup smartphone.

all samsung phones battery fully charged to 100%

Massive battery test among 10 most selling smartphones has begun with location on, maximum brightness, wifi connected, Bluetooth off and without inserting SIM card in any phone.

Battery percentage after 1 hours of playing YouTube with connected same wifi in all devices and the brightness is set to maximum as shown in picture given below.

samsung phone battery after 1 hours of phone usage

Battery percentage remaining after 2 hours of usage in all Galaxy devices is shown in the picture given below.

samung phone battery remaining after 2 hours of usage

We can clearly see that M53 and M52 are performing very good and battery is drawing slowly than others. And battery is draining faster in S series phones as compare to other series Galaxy phones.

Battery statistics after 3 hours of similar usage is shown in the picture given below. And here testing the graphics in PUBG mobile in all the devices.

samsung phone battery remaining after 3 hours of usage

Samsung Galaxy phone battery remaining after 4 hours of usage is shown in the picture given below. Till now M52 is performing very good and S22 & S22 Ultra are performing worst in terms of battery backup.

samung phone battery remaining after 4 hours of usage

Here Instagram reels are on in loop mode and after 5 hours 58 minutes of total mixed usage Samsung Galaxy S21 FE battery drained to 0% hence phone switched off automatically.

samsung s21fe switched off after 6 hours usage

Now front camera Video recording is ON in all remaining Galaxy phones. 03 More phones leave the battery backup race after 06 hours and 12 minutes of total screen on time.

Now Samsung Galaxy A52s, S22 Ultra, S22 and S21 FE smartphones has quit the race. But remaining Galaxy phones are still working to win the battery backup race.

four phones switched off after 6 hours of usage

Samsung A73 has also left the race but A53, A33, M52 and M53 are still in the race. And all of the four smartphones are having more then 10% battery.

samsung phones battery remaining after 7 hours 1

Samsung Galaxy A53, A33 and M52 phone also left the race at 08 hours and 04 minutes of total usage. But M53 is still on and it has become the clear winner of this Samsung Galaxy phones battery backup race.

samsung m53 still on after 8 hours usage 1

Samsung M53 also switched off at 08 hours and 11 minutes of total usage. But it is the clear winner in terms of battery backup among the best selling Samsung Galaxy phones in 2022.

M53 shutdown after 8 hours 11 minutes of usage

Samsung best battery backup phone

In our Samsung phones battery test, we have found that Samsung M53 is the best battery backup phone in 2022 below 5000mAh battery range phones.

And A53 is also the good phone from Samsung A series in terms of battery backup. Samsung A53 is also the winner among its A series phones.

Samsung M52 and M53 phones has shown the almost same battery backup time but M53 is the winner in terms of battery performance. But overall M52 is still batter than M53 in all aspects so we recommend you to consider M52 in place of M53.

Samsung A52s has perform not very good in terms of battery backup but still it is very good and also provided 06 hours and 11 minutes of on screen battery backup. And in terms of overall performance and features A52s phone is a very good choice in 2022.

ModelBattery CapacityBattery PriceBattery Backup
A735000mAh1,803₹07Hrs 00min
A535000mAh1,650₹07Hrs 49min
A335000mAh1,582₹07Hrs 58min
A52s4500mAh1,226₹06Hrs 11min
S22 Ultra5000mAh1,803₹06Hrs 11min
S223700mAh1,497₹06Hrs 11min
S21 FE4500mAh1,549₹05Hrs 58min
S20 FE4500mAh1,434₹06Hrs 54min
M535000mAh1,564₹08Hrs 11min
M525000mAh1,564₹07Hrs 58min

Note: The battery backup time shown in the table above is found in our test. It could be different in your test as battery backup depends on usage and many other factors.

But all these 10 smartphones are tested in same usage conditions so you can get an idea for best battery backup Samsung phone.

Samsung phone with best battery life

In this test we have found Galaxy M53 is the best battery life phone from Samsung. Although Samsung has also launched its Galaxy smartphone with 6000mAh and 7000mAh battery capacity. Galaxy M51 and F62 come with 7000mAh massive battery capacity.

We have chosen some Samsung Galaxy smartphone launched in 2022 with big battery capacity and arrange them in the form of table for your reference.

You can also find charging speed along with battery capacity of the selected Samsung Galaxy models.

ModelBattery CapacityBattery PriceCharger
S22 Ultra5000mAh1,803₹45W
A33 5G5000mAh1,582₹25W
A53 5G5000mAh1,650₹25W
A73 5G5000mAh1,803₹25W
S21 Ultra5000mAh1,675₹25W
S20 Ultra5000mAh1,755₹45W

Samsung 7000mAh battery phone

Samsung Galaxy M32, M31, M31s are equipped with 6000mAh big battery and Galaxy M51 & F62 smartphones supports 7000mAh massive battery capacity. And all these smartphones comes under 20,000 rupees price range in India.

These smartphones are budget smartphones with high end specifications and features. If you want to buy a Galaxy phone with highest battery capacity then these four Samsung models could be your choice.

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