Samsung care plus subscription cancel in one click

You can cancel Samsung care plus subscription any time and due to any reason. It is your right to cancel the Samsung care+, samsung care+ with theft and loss program and Samsung premium care at any time.

Samsung care plus program is a service contract between user and Samsung to provide the protection services to Galaxy user up to 3 years from the enrollment date.

Samsung care plus subscription will automatically cancel after the completion of 3 year from the enrollment date.

But if you wish to cancel or discontinue Samsung care plus program due to any reason and any time you can cancel it by contacting Samsung care plus support team.

Samsung care plus cancel

There are multiple ways to discontinue the Samsung care plus program for you enrolled Galaxy device. The best ways to cancel Samsung care+ are as follows:

Cancel Samsung care+ on phone call

You can cancel Samsung Care+, Samsung Care+ with Theft and Loss, or Samsung Premium Care at any time, for any reason, by calling Samsung at 1866-371-9501. This support number is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Cancel Samsung care+ manually

You can also cancel Samsung care plus manually from Samsung website. Just follow the given below simple steps to cancel the Samsung care plus immediately.

If you want to file a claim against Samsung care plus program in United States, then you can contact Samsung at given below contacts.

Contact Number1-866-371-9501
Contact FormFor Support
Care+ with theft &
Care+ enrolled before
01 Aug 2022
Care+ enrolled after
01 Aug 2022
Samsung Web (
Terms & ConditionsVisit Now

A Samsung Care plus Professional can help you 24 hours a day, as well as 7 days a week. So, feel free to contact Samsung care plus contact number any required time.

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