How to increase RAM in Samsung phone instantly for free

Samsung provide option to increase RAM in its latest Galaxy devices. If you feel your Galaxy phone is getting slow then you have come at very right place.

Here you will come to know how to increase RAM in Samsung phones without opening it. It’s a built-in feature in Galaxy devices which facilitates you to increase RAM size up to a predefined limit.

RAM is a Random Access Memory, and it is very fast in speed. It temporarily stores provide system files, applications in it to provide it to the processor instantly.

It is a volatile memory, means all the data store in RAM will erase instantly if power supply to it is cut off.

What is RAM Plus in Samsung

RAM plus is a feature in Samsung which offers use some amount of internal storage as the virtual RAM. You can decide how much RAM size you want to increase in your Galaxy device.

With more RAM in your Galaxy device, you can have more apps open in the background and as well as you can launch apps faster.

Increase RAM size in Samsung phone

As we have already explained that you can convert some amount of internal storage into virtual RAM. You can now follow the given below steps to add more RAM in your Galaxy device:

  • Open system Settings
  • Tap on Battery & Device care.
  • Tap on the Memory option.
  • Now tap on RAM plus option.
  • Select one option from the list to add the required amount of RAM in Galaxy device.
  • Restart you Samsung Galaxy phone.
samsung device care feature to optimize the memory of galaxy device
Samsung ram plus feature to increase the ram on galaxy device

RAM Plus doesn’t manufacture RAM, but it uses your phone’s storage space to use it as virtual RAM.

You can choose more virtual RAM to allow more apps to stay open in the background. You can also choose less virtual RAM to keep more storage space free.

Note: Your internal storage memory size will decrease equal to the RAM size you have increased using RAM Plus feature.

Increase storage in Samsung phone

If you have increased RAM size in your Galaxy device, then you will find that the same amount of internal storage size has been decreased.

This is because RAM plus feature convert internal storage into virtual RAM. Now you have increased the RAM size, but you are having less amount of internal storage.

Now you need to add some space in the internal storage, and this can be obtained by adding a good quality external memory card to your Samsung phone.

We recommend you buy high speed external memory card to fulfill your storage requirements. Because if you purchase a low-quality memory card then you will face some difficulties while recording high quality videos and capturing high-definition photos.

Photos and videos get distorted, blurred or corrupt when you use a low quality or low speed memory card in your mobile phone.

SanDisk 64GB Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I is a great memory card which support up to 4K video recording.

It supports 150Mb/s read speed and 60Mb/s write speed. In other words, you can transfer data from this card at the speed of 150Mb/s and you can copy data into this memory card up to 60Mb/s.

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