Samsung J2 original battery price & replacement cost at service center

Samsung J2 original battery price at the authorized service center. Samsung J2 was launched in Sep 2015 and I am surprised that people have still using it for about 8 years.

It is obvious that smartphone performance and battery backup degrade after 3-4 years. Many people across the world are finding the Samsung J2 original battery price because they want to replace their smartphone dead battery with a new one.

If you want to get your Samsung J2 smartphone battery fixed then you can replace its battery with a new one at the authorized service center.

Samsung J2 original battery price

Samsung J2 original battery price

Samsung J2 original battery price at the authorized Samsung service center is ₹1,008 excluding GST and labour cost. Samsung charges labor charges for repair on out-of-warranty smartphones and I am sure that your smartphone Warranty has already expired.

So you have to pay for the 18% GST and labor cost while getting your Samsung Galaxy J2 smartphone battery fixed at a service center. You may also get your smartphone battery fixed at a local repair shop at a very cheap price but they always use the duplicate parts to fix the smartphones.

Samsung J2 battery replacement

The Samsung Galaxy J2 original battery replacement cost at the authorized service center is ₹1,539 including labor cost and 18% GST. Samsung J2 is a very old smartphone so it is very hard to find its battery at all service centers we recommend you contact the nearby service center and ask them for the availability of the battery.

Samsung J2 BatteryPrice
Labor Cost₹350

Samsung J2 battery capacity

Samsung Galaxy J2 comes with a 2,000mAh battery capacity. You may be thinking that a 2,000mAh battery is a very small battery size but it is sufficient to energise the smartphone.

Nowadays most Samsung Galaxy smartphones come with 4,000mAh to 6,000mAh battery capacity. Smartphones are becoming battery-hungry so they are required with high capacity batteries.

If you want to know the Samsung Galaxy J2 spare parts price then you can read our dedicated article on this topic.

samsung galaxy j2 battery price

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